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Canyoneering 3 by Steve Allen

432 pages; 46 maps

Utah’s Escalante: a vast jigsaw puzzle of desert canyons, draws, defiles, gorges, slots, and washes demarcating upland expanses of slickrock, benches and ridges and delineating towers, pinnacles, and peaks.

This guide features 37 major hikes designed to satisfy any canyoneer from novice to expert, including 20 in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.  Day hikers can choose routes from an hour to all day, backpackers will find multi-day hikes, and those who prefer charting their own course will profit from the information here.  Aside from the detailed route descriptions, Canyoneering 3 describes 14 road sections plus side roads to ensure time will not be lost finding a trailhead.


Hiking the Escalante by Rudi Lambrechtse

191 pages; 5 maps

An invaluable resource to anyone traversing the Escalante, this comprehensive guide details 43 hikes.

Realizing there are virtually no marked trails in the Escalante country (mostly canyons that wander and have many intersections, challenging anyone to write explicit description), this book includes directions to the trailhead, how to follow a particular route with choices of side canyons along the way, and occasional alternate endings. Some of the hikes may be appropriate for beginners. Some only the most experienced should attempt.


Hiking Grand Staircase-Escalante and the Glen Canyon Region by Ron Adkison

Falcon Guide; 347 pages; 47+ maps

The Glen Canyon region, stretching 150 miles across southern Utah, is a land of outstanding scenery and excellent hiking opportunities. Hundreds of miles of trails and canyoneering routes lead to arches, natural bridges, lonely slickrock gorges, wooded mesas, and open desert valleys. This guidebook includes hikes in the newly-established Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It focuses on many popular trails and routes and some lesser known ones in the Glen Canyon region. Hikes range from easy day trips to strenuous overnighters.


Best Easy Day Hikes Grand Staircase/Escalante & the Glen Canyon Region by Ron Adkison

Falcon Guide; 128 pages

Included in this book are short descriptions and maps of the author’s favorite easy day hikes in Cedar Mesa, Paria Canyon, Grand Staircase, and Escalante Canyon. It will help you choose the best day hiking trails in this outstanding natural area. If you’re going to be in southern Utah for a few days and want to find some great, easy hikes, this book is for you.