Our Waters

We are permitted to fish on the Grand Stairecase-Escalante National Monument as well as Dixie National Forest. This equates to thousands of acres of wilderness flecked with high mountain lakes and meandering streams. Anglers could spend a lifetime exploring just the lakes in Dixie National Forest.

Fat Brookie from the Aquarius Plateau

During the spring we target Brown Trout and native Colorado Cutthroat trout in the high deserts streams.  Because these streams originate at ten thousand feet and descend to the desert floor in three to four miles, they nurture a borage of insects at all different times of the day. Anglers can experience tiny morning mayfly hatches backed by Stone flies emerging right before lunch time.  These streams are serene and wild.  Cliff Dwellings and petroglyph panels peer down from above as anglers position themselves for the perfect cast.

Spawning Brook Trout from Boulder Mountain

As the summer sets in and the ice clears off the lakes on the Aquarius Plateau, we venture to the mountain with float tubes and five weights in search of more cutthroats, tiger trout, and giant brookies.

Stalking brown trout on the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument