Sustainable clothing that is functional & looks good

I love these dang pants. They make my butt look good. I mean you would think it would be easy, right? However, it seems lately that the fashion world thinks the ideal female form is that of a 12 year old boy. So booya prAna for making a dang pair of pants that feature my assets perfectly. Vanity and shallowness aside they are also very functional, the gusseted inseams means slot canyons like Peek-A-Boo and Spooky are well… a breeze. The quick drying fabric comes in handy when you have to do a waist deep wade, it was literally just minutes before they were dry. Spring hiking in cotton is such a terrible idea. (We sell quick dry undies too!) It is nice to have a functional pair of pants that don’t make you look like a tourist in your vacation facebook posts.

Gear & outdoor clothing at Escalante Outfitters

Gear & outdoor clothing at Escalante Outfitters

Low rise relaxed fit prAna Performance Jasmine Knickers in Cargo Green.

“The prAna Jasmine Knicker is a performance knicker that can be worn around town before heading to the hills. Stretch fabric and a gusseted inseam allow for a complete range of motion that’s ideal for bouldering and longer ascents, while water resistance shrugs off puddles and surprise showers”. (swiped this description from the prAna website)

prAna is a company that is in line with Escalante Outfitter’s mission in that they use environmentally conscious materials and practices for all of their clothing. The clothing lines we carry focus on these same ideals.  Functional for what you will use it for but good for the world in which you are using it.

We also carry a great selection outdoor clothing and natural accessories  from these to vendors as well, check them out!

Thread 4 Thoughts
Recycled and organic products manufactured sustainably
The recycled polyester in this line is made from used water bottles, additionally recycled polyester uses 90% less water in the manufacturing process, than traditional polyester. The cotton is organic and again uses much less water than conventional cotton. The majority waste water created by this company is recycled and not dumped directly into any watersource. The workers are paid a fair wage, have a maximum of 40 hour work week and are paid overtime. Safety standards exceed the regional requirements and all workers work with good lighting with windows & fresh air.


Sustainable Farming Practices

Unique Batik
Fair Trade Products
Unique Batik is a Fair Trade wholesaler and online retailer based in Raleigh, NC. In business since 1991, Unique Batik now partners with artisans (individuals, families, and co-ops) in Guatemala, Ghana, Thailand and Pakistan. A proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, Unique Batik guarantees its artisans fair wages, long-term relationships, and safe working conditions that are free from discrimination and forced child labor. This allows the artists to make a living, stay in their home communities and carry on cultural tradition.

Weaving by hand in the traditional style

Weaving by hand in the traditional style


Sunrise in Escalante - A gilded stagger

The sky this morning was like a poem, half remembered but so beautiful I knew words weren’t gonna capture anyway.  There was a long strip of pink on 50 mile mountain, beaming over the rim of my coffee cup.  Then there was an orange cotton candy explosion to the east, taking up half the sky with its ridiculous drama.  The little bits of remaining snow had a faint pastel glow.  The whole town had a quiet, magical feel for about an hour. The lingering bit of winter’s nip just adding its flavor to the morning. Spring is springing and the sky is singing and I am sitting on the porch of the Escalante Outfitters, starting a list of a few of the easy little side trips I am going to try and squeeze in on my work days.

Petrified Forest (still haven’t done it yet, gonna though this year I swear)

Mossy Cave (with my mom) Bryce Canyon

Cottonwood Narrows Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

Lower Calf Creek Falls Escalante Canyons

Willis Creek Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

Willow Gulch (water shoes) Grand Staircase National Monument

These are some of the easy but beautiful hikes in the Escalante region.  Good for people who aren’t ready for a 10 mile trek, but who would like to see the varieties of landscape and geologic wonders that abound in these parts.  You don’t need a park pass for Mossy Cave as it is just off the road side between here and Bryce Canyon.  It has some cool hoo-doos, great colors and a little arch.  But the best bit is the cave which in the winter has large ice stalagmites and in the spring has a neat dripping roof covered in moss.

The Petrified Forest is right next to town and it is funny how many locals haven’t been yet.  Sorta like New Yorkers who never go to Ellis Island, I guess.  Well I am going to go even though I have been warned that it is not the terrifying forest with large upstanding stone trees that one might expect from the name Petrified Forest.

Mossy Cave near the Petrified Forest

Mossy Cave near the Petrified Forest State Park


Boulder Mountain Fishing

The summer is finally upon us and the fishing is going strong. We have been fishing all over the mountain, from the canyon streams to the mountain lakes at 10,000 feet.  The only waters that aren’t open are the cutthroat spawning grounds, but those fish should move off the redds by the beginning of next month. The bugs on the lakes are also popping off.  At the beginning of the week we ran into a thick mayfly hatch on one of the lower lakes and voracious rainbows were hitting spinners at the edge of the sedges. Yesterday, I was having a hard time pumping up the float tubes because damsel flies kept climbing up my pant legs. The nymphs and adults are everywhere. Check out the tiger trout caught last week. The fish below was 22 inches long.